Difference in Basic and Full-Featured Yahoo Mail

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A basic version of Yahoo Mail lets you use a simple feature email. To enjoy its advanced you can choose to switch to full-featured version or contact yahoo for more details. Sometimes, you may be switched automatically based on your system preferences.

Common Difference in Basic and Full-Featured Yahoo Mail Are As Follows:-

Basic email is a simplified version that won’t contain any recently released features. Old version also not comprises the following standard features:-

  1. Photo Slideshow
  2. Formatting toolbar
  3. Notepad
  4. Yahoo Messenger
  5. Gifs
  6. Themes
  7. Filters
  8. Newsfeed

Reasons You Will See Basic Mail:-

Your browser and computer settings could make it problematic to use Full-featured Yahoo Mail. In case your computer doesn’t encounter below-given requirements, you’ll be switched to Basic Mail automatically for better performance.

Using an Unsupported Browser -> this emailing service works best with secure and updated browsers.

Set Screen resolution -> Yahoo is improved for resolution 1024X786.

JavaScript difficulties – > To view Yahoo Mail JavaScript must be turned on.

Bandwidths -> A slow dial-up internet connection you may source errors loading the page.

User’s age -> Users below 13 cannot view Full-featured Mail.

Steps to Switch Basic to Full-featured Yahoo Mail:-

Step-1: In the upper-right corner, click Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail

Step-2: Clear your browser’s cache.

Step-3: Return to Yahoo Mail, restart the browser

Switch to Basic Yahoo Mail Again:

  • Step 1: Go to the Settings icon and select Settings
  • Step 2: Click viewing email.
  • Step 3: Select Basic by “Mail version” -> Click Save.

In case you want to know more about its advanced feature or facing any technical issue then contact yahoo mail customer support to have experts’ advice or get instant solution to your issues.

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