How Can I Fix Error Code 76997 Of Gmail Account?

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Gmail is an emailing service, which is used by millions of people around the globe. It comes with many advanced features and provides an interactive interface to use. But it also not free from errors like any other emailing service or software program, these issues affects your working speed. Nowadays, many of the Gmail users come across technical problems that can be resolved easily with the help of Gmail customer service online.

Its one of the common errors shows a message like -oops! A server error occurred and your email was not sent. Actually, it is a server the problem also known as “error code 76989”. Typically this error arises when the server crashes and there is too much load on the server and.  Occasionally the error 76989 may occur due to the conflict between the program in the system and server, these types of errors quite annoying if you want to send an important file.

To resolve this issue simply clear the unwanted cache and history and follow below-given steps:-

Step-1: Open the Google chrome window-> Go to Tools

Step-2: Click on “options “-> choose the option, “Under the hood

Step-3:  Now click on the clear browsing data

Step-4: Again check the check “Clear browsing history” box

Step-5: Choose the option for clearing the history

Step-6: Click on “clear browsing data “.

Step-7: On Mac, there is a direct option of clearing the web browser information on the menu bar of Google Chrome. So simply click on it.

If still, the error is there then you can get help from experts by calling the Gmail customer service toll free number.

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