How to Fix Boot Error 0xc000000f in Windows 8 or 10?

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Getting error code 0xc000000f with your Windows 10 operating system? If yes, then no need to worry as Windows 10 customer service phone number is available to support you to fix this error. In addition, read this blog carefully to resolve this error by yourself.

Actually, this error is related to the Windows Boot Manager as well as when Windows OS attempts to read Data of Boot Configuration, it shows this issue message maintaining the users to renovate their computers over Windows Installation Media.

Reasons behind Getting 0xc000000f Error:

Boot sector is plays vital role to load the Windows OS in main memory for execution. Thus, if the boot sector becomes corrupted, this code will resist from loading. Besides Hard Disk failure may be the reason for getting this error. Sometimes malware and bad sector are also doing the same by preventing OS from loading.

Solutions to repair Error 0xc000000f:-

To fix this, it’s essential that you have a genuine bootable DVD/USB of Windows. In case you don’t have it, follow below-given steps to create the bootable media.

Windows 10 / Windows 8:

Go to your system’s BIOS by pressing F2, after generating the bootable DVD/USB and choose Boot Order. Take your DVD or USB to the highest as a First Boot Device.

Save all modifications to the settings and then restart your computer again. At the moment, it would boot up with the help of your bootable media as well as it will start fixing your Windows operating system automatically.

Still, if you are troubling with the same issue then it’s recommended Contact windows 10 customer service number to fix with the help of experts instantly.

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