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Find Missing Mail in Yahoo

Yahoo Mails are the one of the best medium to send, receive or save messages all over the world. You can access your inbox with just one internet connection anytime, anywhere. But, it’s very frustrating when you are not able to find an important email in your inbox. If you are also troubled by any technical issue like lost or missing messages then get Yahoo customer service.

Actually, there are a few reasons why your message might be hard to search, some of them are like:-

  1. Your Mails are Keep in an unexpected folder
  2. Emails were removed from an app

Your Mails Are Kept In an Unexpected Folder:-

Sometimes Yahoo feature called Email filters and Spam filter sends your new messages to other folders than your Inbox. Other folder may be Spam and Trash.

Spam and Trash -> These folders do not appear in search results, so check them yourself.

Search for them -> Search misplaced massages using Yahoo advanced or basic search options.

Filters -> Cross-check your settings to see, in case filters are sending emails to another folder.

Emails Were Removed By an App:-

If you access your email with the help of an app on your phone or your computer, then your actions or settings could have produced emails to be erased from your account. To fix this issue you can try following alternatives.

Use IMAP and the Yahoo Mail apps:-

A few computer email apps, as well as most mobile email apps such as on Android, iPhone and use IMAP. Reasons for choosing this:-

  1. Email removed from the program will be positioned in your Trash folder.
  2. Actions taken in these apps are much mirrored on your Yahoo account
  3. Erasing email from the Trash eliminates it from your account.

Use Apps that Have POP:-

Desktop one of apps such as Thunderbird, Outlook, and Mac Mail can easily access Yahoo Mail using POP.

  1. Copies of your messages or download it, so any actions of the app won’t affect your account.
  2. One POP setting will remove electronic mail from your account when it’s downloaded.
  3. Contact your app manufacturer, to disable the option “delete emails from server”

Someone Else Removed Your Email:-

In case you believe somebody has retrieved your account, then change your password immediately.

In case your problem remains unchanged then get experts assistance via Yahoo customer service phone number.

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