How to Recover Removed Gmail Account?

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Nowadays, Gmail account is used by many users for receiving and sending emails daily for carrying out their personal or business activities. Still, sometimes it’s possible that you may delete your Gmail account for certain reasons. But after some time you realize you want to recover your deleted account back because as soon as you deleting your Gmail account you lose access to many other products like YouTube, Google Play services. Actually, Gmail accounts are commonly preserved for a few days after being removed.  If the user has erased his account accidentally or mistake, then he/she can also get back his/her account with the help of below-given steps.

Note that you can recover your account within two business days else it’s deleted forever.

Steps to Recovering Gmail Account Back are as follows:

Step 1: First of all open Gmail login page -> click on the option I’m having problems in signing. Now enter erased email id then click on Continue -> Enter Password

Step 2: Go to the Account support page and follow the instructions. Mechanically, you’ll be asked a few queries to confirm you are the right owner of an account.

Step 3: Fill all form and all identity to verify your account

Note: If you never receive any recovery link, it means your Gmail ID removed permanently. So there is no way to recover your data and ID.

Step 4: In the final step of receiving email, Google will send you an email on the alternate email address you provided.

Step 5: If your account is recovered, then create a strong password that you were not used before with this account.

In case if you are not able to recover your account back, then its recommended call Gmail support phone number to fix this issue instantly. In addition, you can call on Google customer support if you come across any technical trouble with its service. Here you can obtain the best solution for your all issues with ease.

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