Simple Steps to Change your Gmail Profile Picture

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If you want to change your Gmail account profile picture and don’t know how to do so? Then no need to worry, in this blog you can find out a complete procedure of changing your email account display image.

Steps to Change your Gmail picture:-

Step 1: First of all open your Gmail account.

Step 2: From the top right corner of account, click on the Settings -> select Settings.

Step 3: In the section of My Picture, click on the Change picture option.

Step 4: Now, select and then upload a new image.

Step 5: Select the percentage of the picture you wish to show.

Step 6: Click on Apply changes option.

Steps to Change your picture’s visibility are as follow:-

Step 1: Open Gmail Account

Step 2: In the top right -> Settings icon -> opt Settings.

Step 3: My Picture section, select a visibility option such as:-

  1. Visible to everyone
  2. Anyone who you email
  3. Who emails you option etc.

Visible only to people I can chat with: Only people you’ve given permission to chat with you or see when you’re online can see your picture.

If you facing any issue with Gmail account or not able to change your profile picture, then it’s recommended call on Gmail Customer service phone number to fix these problems instantly. In addition, you can get Gmail phone number from website.

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