How To Use Yahoo Messenger on cell phones without a mobile browser ?

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If you are a Yahoo! Messenger user, then you already know how to send free messages on Yahoo IM, but there are some users those are still not aware that they can also access Yahoo Messenger on their cellular phone without a mobile browser or mobile web. In this post, we will show the procedure of how to send free messages.

To begin sending & receiving Yahoo, adjust following Setting:

Step 1: First of all, Launch Yahoo Messenger on your PC

Step 2: Click on the Messenger tab from the top menu bar.

Step 3: Select the Sign into Mobile Device and the press key Ctrl+Shift+D

Step 4: Now simply follow the prompts to register your cell phone.

Step 5: After this, a text message will be sent to your phone. Simply insert the code you receive through the text to the screen of PC.

Step 6: To activate using Yahoo Messenger for SMS, choice Sign into the mobile number from the Messenger tab.

Follow below steps on the mobile phone:

Step 1: Signing into the Yahoo Messenger for SMS

Step 2: To sign in, send a text message with Yahoo ID & password and then send it to 92466.

Step 3: After signing in for SMS, you can receive IMs same as you would text messages.

Step 4: Now, simply reply with a text message.

Step 5: To send an IM to contact, text to Yahoo Id & your message and then send it to 92466.

Step 6: To sign out, send a text out to 92466, after this, you will receive verification of sign out.

If you are unable to follow these steps, then alternatively you can contact on Yahoo Mail Customer Service Phone Number and perform the same procedure in the presence of an expert.

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